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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Traffic Risk Analysis


Utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drone imagery for AI-powered detection and tracking of trajectories, enabling the generation of traffic patterns and analysis of traffic behavior. This technology is ideal for enhancing smart traffic safety initiatives and is well-suited for use by traffic technicians, county and city traffic agencies, as well as traffic engineering consulting firms. Using drone imagery for AI-based detection and vehicle tracking, we can generate traffic flow trajectories to facilitate the analysis of traffic behavior. This technology is suitable for applications aimed at improving intelligent traffic safety and is applicable to traffic technicians, county/city traffic agencies, and traffic engineering consultancy firms.

Services provided include:

1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Services:
  • Site application
  • UAVs operation by pilots certified in G1 and G3
  • UAVs insurance coverage
2. AI Services:
  • Detection of different vehicle types (scooter, sedan, truck, bus, Tractor Trailer), pedestrians, and bicycles
  • Object tracking
  • Viewer software for intersection and section trajectory files
  • Customization of AI modules
3. Traffic Risk Analysis:
  • Performance Analysis of Traffic Engineering Improvements (Before and After Improvements)
  • Basic Traffic Analysis (Collision Hotspots, Speed Hotspots, Sudden Deceleration Areas, Traffic Flow Trajectories, Turning Movement Counts, Overlay of Traffic Signals and Drone Imagery)
  • Traffic Scenario Analysis (Potential Left Turn Collisions, Intersection Crossing Collisions, Right Turn Collisions, Vehicle-Pedestrian Collisions, Non-Signalized Intersection Yield Conflicts).



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