Specializes in Microwave and

C-Link specializes in microwave products

Honesty, Responsibility, Achievement, Assurance and Innovation

C-LINK Technology Inc. was founded in 1996. In the first phase, we mainly focused on communication components for industrial technology research institute, factories and institutions for academic research. In the second phase, as digital image technology was gradually mature in Taiwan, we began to enter the surveillance market. We keep honest, responsible, archival, assured and innovated as C-LINK company culture, to provide the best service to our customers. We also take care of employees with a great working environment, training and educations, and growing year by year, Make a win-win situation with customers and stakeholders is our goal and policy.

Leverage Resource and Technologies to Create New Market Demand

In recent years, due to the needs for public security and in response to the threat of crime and terrorist attacks, the government and the people’s requirements for security have increased. Also with artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent video surveillance (IVS), and big data (Big Data) increasing requirements, C-LINK develops and leverage the resource and technology in the application of smart city solutions. We create new market demand in our brand-new research and developments.

C-Link provides a high-quality artificial intelligence product

Quality Assurance and Safety Environment

C-LINK providing high-quality products, system solutions, and maintenance services, by intelligent management platforms. We also follow an internal standard, signing MOU with UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and other partners. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in Taiwan and worldwide.



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