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Image Recognition

NeeDetector: Image recognition software for people with special needs


C-LINK Technology, developed “NeeDetector” ,an image recognition software for people with special needs, that detects, recognizes and identifies passengers and people with special needs (visually impaired, wheelchair passengers and etc.)  as well as records data and sends alerts whenever a specific object is captured by the surveillance camera. In dashboards, users can see how many people or objects are observed, select observed areas, and set the limit is reached.
When detect people with special needs, and send real-time notifications to relevant individuals for assistance. This technology is ideal for human-oriented transportation and service applications, making it ideal for use at bus stops, hospitals, elevators, areas lacking barrier-free spaces, social welfare units, and by system integrators.


Image Recognition is the ability of software or systems to detect and recognize specific objects such as people, places, objects, or actions in images and videos. In order to recognize images through a camera system, it uses machine learning technologies along with artificial intelligence and trained algorithms. NeeDetector: Image recognition software for people with special needs.

"We have an ability to find disability"

By using image recognition technology, C-Link designed a solution to remove barriers in society by monitoring and analyzing video from artificial intelligence surveillance cameras that are installed at bus stops.

The NeeDetector is capable of the following:
  • Identify and classify pedestrian types.
  • Count the number of people with special needs
  • Record data (Time, Avr. number of people)

Future Development


Through continuous training and optimization, Needdetector can not only be applied to the fields of traffic management, public safety, enterprise security and retail analysis, but also can be applied to various fields. In response to the service needs of special groups of people, we are moving towards a more perfect smart life together.




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