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 AI Crowd Gathering Safety  Alarm Solutions

Provide Automatic, Precise, and Whole Day Vehicle/Pedestrians Metadata for Transportation Requires.


After COVID-19 pandemic, technology development and lifestyle changes rapidly, and the industry is undergoing innovative and disruptive changes. C-LINK Technology provide "AI Crowd Gathering Safety Alarm Solutions", which uses AI algorithm to automated calculate number of people in large areas in real time, provides safety management strategies, and enhances automated crowd gathering risk alarm, and avoids groups gathering potential hazards.

Application Scenario

Indoor Gathering Meeting
Outdoor Gathering Density
Pedestrian Crossing Counting
Marching Gathering
Special Event Counting

System Structure

Output Functions

Crowd People Counting
Multiple ROI Counting
Crowd Limit Alarm
Trend with Statistics


  • Deep Learning Model: Lighting Model on Small IPC
  • Training Data: Labeling Heads around 179,670
  • Accuracy with Test Pattern: Above 90%(Min detective Head = 10 x10 pixels)
  • IPC Performance: 2 FPS @1080p (GPU: nVidia TX2)

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