C-Link Honored as an “Outstanding Study Unit” at the Global Digital Talent Awards 2023

On 24 November, the Global Digital Talent Awards 2023 marked the end of a 6-month training and internship program by DIGI+Talent and TCA. Held at Taipei City's Sanchuang Park, the event showcased the achievements of participating trainees.

C-Link proudly received the distinction of being recognized as an Outstanding Study Unit catering to both Domestic (DIGI+Talent) and International Students (TCA) at the esteemed Global Digital Talent Awards 2023. This recognition highlights our active role as a mentor in a transformative 6-month training and internship program. The initiative aimed to boost the skills of students from different backgrounds through hands-on learning. Notably, the emphasis on practical projects empowered students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering robust problem-solving abilities. Additionally, cultural exchange activities enriched the learning experience, fostering diverse perspectives and background.


The achievements at the Global Digital Talent Awards not only demonstrate C-Link's dedication but also indicate a promising future for the students, showcasing their potential for even greater accomplishments in their future endeavors. Overall, our unwavering dedication is reflected in our continuous efforts to curate initiatives that empower our students. Beyond mere adaptation and innovation, we strive to enable them to thrive within a constantly evolving, technologically advanced world. These endeavors are aimed at bolstering the professional knowledge and skills of our students, international participants, and staffs while fostering meaningful connections within the global community.


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